Quinn Edgar Why is it called the BBC news shouldn’t it be called BBC Better Together?

Elaine Guymer I don’t have a question just statement to quote Winston Churchill ” United we stand divided we fall”.

Paul Morton Where will a Scot abroad go to receive assistance? Will there be Scottish Embassys created in all the major democracies? Surely, independence means just that and Scots won’t want to rely on British Embassys.

Keith Weston I can not see what the NO campaign say they can be correct in any way. As all three will lose the next election to UKIP and we ENGLAND will be out of common market. Why (they) all have done not a thing but kill :- Police, NHS, No action against child abuse in Westminster/GB n no action over MP that have fiddle expenses. They have given the right to out side people organisation so they can say they have given them self big rises in pay n expenses. Many people even in London live on far less £ 20,000 a year ( I have vote for one of three for 40years not again thro. Yes Scotland get out you have a Future we in England have none, just lies lies lies leading to poverty down here. I’m English

Amanda Cann if Scotland gets independence will we (the British) have a say if the if they keep the pound

Martin Booth It’s funny, when you mean england you say england, when you mean anyone else, you say british. As to who decides who uses whose currency, i’d prefer trading in turnips to continuing to use the pound.

Bill James BBC seem to now be a political party in their “impartial” reporting on this debate.After hearing the RBS chairmans letter to staff they still continue to report that jobs will move south.

Phil Bowers Why do the BBC news teams never get an answer or push the questions of the arrangements for independence? Let’s start with the currency, because from that flows the question of how the banks will be supported and where the pension fund managers have to locate. The debate at present involves the issue of whether we could form a currency union. Our economies are compatible and so we undoubtedly could, and this is what the economists quoted by the Yes group are talking about. BUT could someone please ask the Yes representatives why the Rest of UK (RUK) will want to guarantee the consumer deposits in Scottish banks if the Scottish banks get into difficulties? Such support will involve costs to the taxpayers in the RUK to meet the interest on loans from RUK in support of those banks. The RUK taxpayers will already have some pretty hefty bills with relocation of Trident (or its scrapping), not to mention the reorganisation of all the joint services for the UK. All of these joint services will be distributing to approximately 10% fewer recipients, and so will presumably have to reduce manpower and/or face higher costs per unit. They will therefore face some horrible redundancy type decisions and the reorganisation of support systems like Grants to Universities, Research Councils, Lottery Funding, state pension payments, etc. etc. Any creation of jobs in RUK due to the building of new facilities for Trident or the difficulties of reorganisation will have to be paid for by taxes or borrowing and so worsen the public finances there. Furthermore Salmond’s abuse of Westminster is easy to interpret as: ‘English go home” and so why should the English be self-sacrificing?

Martin Booth it isn’t english go home, it’s tories go home and stay there. english are welcome to live in scotland. Tories aren’t.

Ruaridh Wedgwood Having read some of the answers from the BBC I have a question, will any of the BBC’s answers be unbiased or is that too much to hope?

Jim Logan BBC biased reporting headlines say – Alex Salmond says jobs not affected. Actually it was head of the bank that said it. Salmond quoted him. You make it sound as though he made it up.

Steve Cameron Just watched an interview with someone from John Lewis in which he expressed an opinion that if Scotland becomes independent then there may be different pricing structures between Scotland and the rest of the Uk .This was then reported by the BBC as Scots would pay more for goods . At its best this is just sloppy reporting and at its worst negative propoganda by a supposed neutral media . In times like these we need accurate reporting . As far as I can see this is just a reporter trying to make a headline out of nothing .

Hugh McKeeman Thousands of NHS workers marched to Trafalgar Square to demonstrate against the privatisation of the NHS in England. The Government controlled BBC didn’t cover this important event. Come on BBC, come clean and admit that you are a state propaganda machine

Antony Jones My question is:- If Scotland gets its ‘Independence Day’ will they take back all the politicians of Scottish ancestry we have had to endure for the last 20 years or so? Blair, Cameron, Haig, Menzies, Brown etc etc……

Barry Dalgleish Please make an effort to read this – whatever side of the fence you’re on. http://wingsoverscotland.com/weebluebook/

Katy Fletcher Do we need to rebuild Hadrian’s wall? And who will pay for it?

Moira Adler The Union Jack,one of the most prominent flags with a great history, sorry to say but both seperate flags are so bland.

Helen Hasham Isolation will be a better word than independence! If you are not in the EU (and you won’t be if Spain vetoes you) you won’t be able to trade with anyone. You won’t be able to work anywhere but Scotland and your taxes are going to skyrocket to fulfil alls almonds promises.

Grant Burns Loving the English on here actually thinking they know what they are talking about… makes me chuckle

Donnalouise Lock Am english wel geordie lol ..a hope tha get freedom o england ..at least tha aint gagged and cuffed by england.. Unlike n.i

Paul McPhail your laying on the no vote fear pretty dam thick…….how about some abject reporting

Bradley Hill Get a grip you don’t like truth